National Hockey League

Vegas Golden Knights281854114W
Boston Bruins261853915W
New York Rangers251863715L
Vancouver Canucks281893717W
Los Angeles Kings241643615OT
Florida Panthers271783615W
Colorado Avalanche271693415L
Dallas Stars261583311L
Toronto Maple Leafs24146327W
Winnipeg Jets251583213W
Detroit Red Wings261483212L
Philadelphia Flyers2715103211W
New York Islanders26127319W
Tampa Bay Lightning2913113111W
Washington Capitals241382910W
New Jersey Devils2614112912L
Carolina Hurricanes2714122910L
Arizona Coyotes2613112810L
Nashville Predators2714132811L
St. Louis Blues2713132711L
Montréal Canadiens271212275W
Edmonton Oilers2512122510W
Pittsburgh Penguins2611122510L
Calgary Flames271113258L
Buffalo Sabres2811142510OT
Seattle Kraken28813235OT
Columbus Blue Jackets30916238L
Ottawa Senators221111229W
Minnesota Wild25912228L
Anaheim Ducks261016206L
Chicago Blackhawks26916197W
San Jose Sharks27817186W

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