National Hockey League

New York Rangers82552311443W
Dallas Stars82522111340W
Carolina Hurricanes82522311144L
Winnipeg Jets82522411046W
Florida Panthers82522411042W
Vancouver Canucks82502310944L
Boston Bruins82472010936L
Colorado Avalanche82502510742W
Edmonton Oilers82492710439L
Toronto Maple Leafs82462610233L
Nashville Predators8247309938L
Los Angeles Kings8244279937W
Tampa Bay Lightning8245299837W
Vegas Golden Knights8245299834L
New York Islanders8239279429W
St. Louis Blues8243339231OT
Washington Capitals8240319132W
Detroit Red Wings8241329127W
Pittsburgh Penguins8238328832L
Minnesota Wild8239348732L
Philadelphia Flyers8238338730L
Buffalo Sabres8239378433W
New Jersey Devils8238398133L
Calgary Flames8238398132W
Seattle Kraken8234358128W
Ottawa Senators8237417825W
Arizona Coyotes8236417728W
Montréal Canadiens8230367620OT
Columbus Blue Jackets8227436621W
Anaheim Ducks8227505921W
Chicago Blackhawks8223535217OT
San Jose Sharks8219544714L

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